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I SEE COLOR with Kyle Moncure 

Diversity | History | Culture | Authenticity 

“You Paint The Picture, We Hold The Brush.”

What is “I See Color?”

In a nutshell “I See Color” is a mantra, an affirmation & a celebration of diversity.  

“I Don’t See Color“ is a catch phrase often used in society.  Although often well-intended, this motto and mindset has done more harm than good.

We plan to disrupt “colorblindness” and the limited constructs of our thinking. We’re painting a new landscape through entertainment, education & storytelling.

I’m often fascinated by the fear associated with  discussing race. People will even go so far as to deny their ability to “SEE” race, color, ethnicity & excellence in one another...  I believe it is an (unconscious) attempt to deny their own biases.

This bold new podcast offers an “edutaining” approach into the multidimensional world of Diversity and Inclusion. 

Our unique approach aims to disarm stereotypes & build bridges; not just between colors, classes & cultures; but with corporate interests and community engagement.

The climate of our show is fun & easygoing, but transformative.

We‘ll share colorful stories, business and personal experiences and celebrate the magic, power & beauty of difference.  

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I See Color- promotes Vivid Conversation, Ethnic Affirmation & Human Validation. We proudly discuss Diversity, Heritage, Color & Culture.

I See Color- is an unapologetic celebration of all humanity. It is conscious recognition of Who We Are, Where We Come From and Where We’re Going.


I see you as you are. You are important to me. I recognize your humanity. I honor your existence and show you respect.

I See Color • Promo Trailer 2019


“I SEE COLOR“ with Kyle Moncure 

Diversity | History | Culture | Authenticity 

I See Color is a transformative new podcast that promotes Cultural Collaboration, Conversation & Human Validation.

We proudly discuss Ethnicity, Ability, Preference, Color & Difference.

I See Color’s mission is to engage, educate & entertain listeners with Powerful Guest Interviews, Inclusive News & Dynamic Dialogue.  

Our end game is Connection, Communication & Social Healing.